Solar panels on house rooftopBrightPoint Energy is a local business helping our neighbors save big money for over a decade. We started out offering solar opportunities to our clients from Midwest to California, and shifted our focus to LED lighting, due to Ameren's amazing rebates. We are a family owned and operated business, striving for excellence in customer service, and savings potential. We want to help you cultivate a relationship where our business helps make your business better.

At BrightPoint Energy, we don't get paid based on products sold, our business benefits from the amount of total kWh we reduce for you. This means were not trying to push products, were striving for less wattage used, resulting in more money in your pocket. This unique approach offers the best savings program for you, with the least amount of pressure.

Contact a BrightPoint Energy agent today and start saving money the day we install your first light.