Glowing LED bulb on blue backgroundUses up to 90% less energy


BrightPoint Energy has partnered with the top LED lighting manufacturers which allows us the opportunity to design, manufacture, and install custom lighting systems that maximize the energy efficiency for each customer. Just installing LEDs is not enough. You must choose the right solution. BrightPoint Energy is an expert at choosing the solutions that get our customers superb lighting performance, as well as energy efficiency, all while saving money.

LED Lighting - More Light, Less Power

A typical fluorescent light, which is common in commercial buildings, lasts on average about 12-20,000 hours (at best). LEDs have a burn life of at least 75,000 hours!! At 12 hours per day, 5 days per week, that is over 26 years! Longer life and less maintenance means more money in your pocket and less time replacing light bulbs and ballasts.

Top 5 Reasons to Switch to LED Lighting

  1. Reduce energy costs 40-90% by producing more light with less power.
  2. Lower maintenance costs, LEDs last up to 50x longer than other light sources. Your maintenance crew will thank you!!
  3. Tube lights are HOT! Stop heating up things you need to only light up. LEDs generate very little heat.
  4. End the cycle of sending waves of tube lights to landfills. They are an environmental hazard!
  5. Because saving 75-90% on what your business spends on lighting is smart, economical, and better for the environment.