Personal Financial Impact of Your Home Solar Power System

What will a home solar power system designed to offset a $250/month electric bill save over its lifetime?

Dollars Saved

KWh Produced

Everyone Can Afford Home Solar Power.

Think of buying home solar like buying a car. You can buy and own the panels or simply pay for the power the home solar power system produces.

Buy The Panels

When you buy the panels outright you get all the benefits of ownership. It’s easy to transfer the panels to a new home owner if you sell the home. If you financed the purchase, the electricity is essentially free after the loan is paid off.

Buy The Electricity

When leasing the panels you don’t own them, you just buy the electricity they produce at locked in rate for 20 years. The leasing company will take care of any maintenance and support issues the life of the system.

Environmental Impact of Your Home Solar System

Over its lifetime, your home solar power system will avoid 162 tons of air pollution. That’s equivalent of:

Cars Taken Off the Road

Trees Planted

Gallons of Gas Saved



  • 30% federal investment tax credit (through 12/31/16)
  • You own the asset/investment
  • Home value increases without property taxes increasing
  • Financing options available; competitive rates & terms


(Property Assessed Clean Energy)
  • No Credit Check or Credit Score Required
  • Results in savings from day one
  • Covers 100% of a home upgrade project
  • Stays with the property upon sale
  • Helps lower electric utility bills
  • Financing without taking on equity


(PPA = Purchase Power Agreement)
  • Little to no money down
  • Fixed monthly payment (Lease)/ Fixed $ per kWh produced by system (PPA)
  • O&M covered for 20 years
  • Inverter & module replacement for 20 years
  • Electrical production guarantee