Modern style light switchesIncrease efficiency by up to 50%!


Lighting controls are a simple way to gain more efficiency and control of your lighting system. If implemented by professional lighting designers and consultants who are focused on energy efficiency, lighting controls can add as much as 50% additional efficiency to your system, saving you energy and money!

Take Efficiency to The Next Level

Lighting controls are best implemented in the second phase of a full lighting system retrofit. Adding lighting controls to an existing system can sometimes work against your efficiency goals, depending upon use of the current system and its current lighting technologies. For example, fluorescent lighting requires a certain time-on/off period in order to prevent premature failure. Adding timers and occupancy sensors can be detrimental if not programmed with that in mind.

If you are considering an LED retrofit, it may be more cost effective to wait to install lighting control systems at least 24-36 months after the retrofit. Why? The additional cost of the control system may actually harm the internal rate of return and net present value of the project. In simple terms, coupled with the cost of the retrofit, the cost of the controls may exceed any additional energy savings gained by the controls. You should consult an energy efficiency professional before adding lighting controls—not just an electrician or lighting control salesperson.

Top 5 Reasons to Add Lighting Controls

  1. Reduce energy consumption by as much as 50%.
  2. Increase workplace comfort by setting the right light levels for each work space and each hour of the day.
  3. Improve productivity by promoting a more pleasing atmosphere.
  4. Extend the life of your lighting system. Since your lighting system will only be “on” when needed, your useful life gets extended considerably.
  5. Easy to add to any existing system and are easy to operate