Businessman keeping a green leaf in his pocketOur BrightPoint Energy Efficiency Consultants are trained to identify the most efficient ways to improve energy use within commercial buildings. They work directly with your employees to identify needs, issues, problems, and opportunities to save energy and save money. They help you customize solutions to maximize energy efficiency and minimize risk.

65-75% of your electric bill is related to lighting & HVAC

Energy efficiency is important to the bottom line of every company. In the United States, the average commercial building spends nearly 40% of its energy budget on lighting. Another 30-35% is spent on HVAC systems. If approached from a consultative manner like we offer at BrightPoint Energy—as opposed to just purchasing products and materials from distributors and electricians—commercial buildings are able to shave approximately 30% off of their energy budgets every year through the effective implementation of energy efficiency technologies.

Increase cash flow from day one.

Our services require no out-of-pocket capital expenses in most cases. 100% of our customers have increased cash flow from day one as a result of our energy efficiency consulting services.

Top 5 Reasons to use an Energy Efficiency Consultant.

  1. Our consultants are experts in energy efficiency. You know your business better than anyone, so why not hire someone who knows energy efficiency better than anyone?
  2. Our energy efficiency consultants know the pitfalls of technology fads, and can help navigate the confusing waters of energy technology, giving you peace of mind.
  3. We work in tandem with other technology experts to help consult on your project, helping you maximize your efficiency, and cost savings.
  4. BrightPoint Energy's efficiency consultants are only interested in saving you money. Period. Their income comes from energy saved, not products sold. There is a BIG difference in hiring energy efficiency consultants versus hiring electrical contractors, or lighting distributors.
  5. We partner with you for the duration of your business’ lifetime. Since our expertise is in energy efficiency, and not just a specific product, we partner with you for years to come, to help you implement the best technologies available, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy costs.